Invoking Nalu - Command-line options

Nalu’s runtime behavior can be controlled by using several command line input options during invocation. Users can invoke -h to determine the various options available.

-h, --help

Print the help message describing all Nalu options and exit

-i, --input-deck

Use the filename provided as the input file. If this option is not provided, naluX will attempt to load a file called nalu.i in the current working directory as the input file.

-o, --log-file

The log file where the output generated by Nalu is directed to. If no file is provided, then naluX will use the base name of the Nalu input file with the extension .log as the output file. For example, if naluX was invoked as naluX -i ABL.neutral.i then the output will be redirected to a file named ABL.neutral.log. Note that the file is overwritten if it already exists.

-v, --version

Print the Nalu version string.

-p, --pprint

Enable parallel printing from all MPI ranks.

-D, --debug

Enable verbose debug printing to log file.