11. Property Evaluations

Property specification is provided in the material model section of the input file. Unity Lewis number assumptions for diffusive flux coefficients for mass fraction and enthalpy are assumed.

11.1. Density

At present, property evaluation for density is given by constant, single mixture fraction-based, HDF5 tables, or ideal gas. For ideal gas, we support a non-isothermal, non-uniform and even an acoustically compressible form.

11.2. Viscosity

Property evaluation for viscosity is given by constant, single mixture fraction-based, simple tables or Sutherland’s three coefficient as a function of temperature. When mixtures are used, either by reference or species transport, only a mass fraction-weighed approach is used.

11.3. Specific Heat

Property evaluation for specific heat is either constant of two-band standard NASA polynomials; again species composition weighting are used (either transported or reference).

11.4. Lame Properties

Lame constants are either of type constant or for use in mesh motion/smoothing geometric whereby the values are inversely proportional to the dual volume.