Nalu Style Guide

  1. No tabs. Remove them from your editor. Better yet, use eclipse and follow the xml style. Use the format here.

  2. Use underscores for private data, e.g., const double thePrivateData_.

  3. Use camel case for data members and classes unless it is silly (you get the idea).

  4. Camel case on Class names always; non camel case for methods, e.g.,

const double Realm::get_me() {
  return hereIAm_; // hmmm... silly? your call
  1. Use const when possible, however, do not try to be a member of the ‘const’ police force.

  2. We need logic to launch some special physics. Try to avoid run time logic by designing with polymorphic/templates.

  3. When possible, add classes that manage loading, field registration, setup and execute, e.g., SolutionNormPostProcessing, etc.